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Quick Process Fix and Prevention

Fix critical business processes that are broken

Approach: Form team of company Subject Matter Experts, facilitate workshop to develop quick fix.  Implement fix and then identify root cause of failure and implement countermeasures to prevent reoccurrence.


  • Unable to accept customer orders
  • Unable to accept customer payments
  • Unable to pay vendors
  • Unable to fulfill customer orders

Rapid Process Redesign and Implementation

Redesign sluggish business processes that are impeding revenue growth or cost reductions

Approach: Form team of company Subject Matter Experts, facilitate high intensity workshop for 3-5 days to develop new process, key measures, and accelerated process implementation plan. Get new process running within 4-8 weeks!


  • New product/service development processes taking too long
  • Poor customer service from order entry and fulfillment processes
  • Late deliveries from suppliers
  • Discreet product manufacturing processes not meeting delivery dates
  • Distribution processes are sluggish
  • Order to Cash financial processes—taking too long to recognize revenue
  • Source to Pay financial processes not meeting supplier expectations

    Strategic Business Transformation

    Orchestrate rapid business transformation to increase profitability of the business

    Approach: Start with top to bottom business assessment—from strategic planning to customer deliveries including key metrics and business results. Establish baseline using detailed business excellence checklist and identify all actions necessary to achieve excellence. Work with Senior Executives and Subject Matter Experts to develop comprehensive action plan to achieve desired results. Execute plans to drive improvements, re-assess, re-plan and repeat until goals are met and sustained.

    Example: Underperforming business unit not meeting financial targets requiring holistic approach to turn around business


    Rapid Collaboration, Design & Implementation

    Deliver new products or services quickly to increase revenue  

    Approach: Identify Subject Matter Experts from product/service development, sales, marketing, procurement, finance, logistics, supply chain. Sequester in workshop setting to develop solution to be delivered at an accelerated pace.

    Example: Business leaders have identified an opportunity to expand product/service offering currently not provided by competition. Need to develop and quickly launch new products/services into strategic markets


    Focused Business Performance Dashboards Development & Implementation

    Work with stakeholders to identify and align on key business performance metrics. Create and implement standard reporting to run the business

    Approach: Work with senior leaders to identify key company performance metrics. Develop template for each metric to define what, where, when, who, and how metrics will be collected and reported. Implement dashboard within 2-4 weeks to provide visibility of actual business performance.


    • Business has too many reporting metrics
    • Business reporting metrics are not defined and documented with more than one single source of truth – no single set of metrics
    • Business has financial reporting metrics but not operational metrics to run the business

    Process Optimization Training

    Provide process optimization training to executives and employees to help them understand the key drivers and techniques for achieving process excellence

    Approach: Provide team-based process optimization training in a simulation exercise.  Over the course of two days, teach the principles and tools of Lean to remove bottlenecks in a process. Participants commonly experience 30-100X improvement in cycle time and quality resulting in significant cost savings


    Rapid Process Documentation

    Document critical business processes to understand current flow, responsibilities, pain points, and improvement opportunities

    Approach: Conduct process documentation workshops with Subject Matter Experts


    • Financial processes to be reviewed by internal auditors are not documented
    • Manufacturing and distribution processes to be audited for ISO certification are not documented

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