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Frequently Asked

Why engage with Blue Streak Business Transformation?
  • Business processes are broken or sluggish creating long wait times and defects
  • Excess people capacity required to execute processes resulting in high operating costs
  • Poor customer service resulting in delayed or reduced revenues
  • Internal process improvement projects take too long and don’t deliver results
What approach is used to get rapid extraordinary results?

We use a team-based assess, design, implement approach. Initially, we will conduct a brief assessment and then form a team of company subject matter experts to address the challenge. The problem should pick the people, not the other way around. Once the team members are identified, they will participate in a 3-to-5-day workshop (length of time determined by scope of issue). In the workshop, we use a developmental approach, not an expert approach. In other words, we will train your team to see the improvement opportunity from our view. We will lead them to the solution — we won’t tell them what the solution should be. Expectations for improvement are set high, goal(s) are set, and the process is redesigned to meet the goal(s). Immediately following the redesign, key process performance measures are identified, and a detailed implementation plan developed. The team is then expected to start implementing on the next day following the workshop with a very aggressive timeline to complete the implementation.

How do you get fast ROI?
Quick return on investment occurs because of the approach. Real transformational change can only be delivered by your people. We lead them to the solution through education and facilitation and then work side-by-side with them to make change happen and deliver results directly to the bottom-line. High expectations for results + accelerated implementation = fast ROI!
How is the work completed – onsite or remotely?

It depends on scope of work. Some tasks can be done remotely – business assessments, KPI dashboard development, and process mapping can be completed via remote interviews and the use of virtual white boards. Other services – process optimization training, process fixes, process redesign workshops, and business transformation workshops yield best results when conducted on site with focused work groups.

Does reducing costs mean people will be losing their jobs?
No, this methodology is not an exercise to eliminate peoples’ jobs. In many cases, a streamlined solution is needed because people are working long hours during the week and weekends just to get their work completed. Our approach is designed to strip waste out of the process and make people more productive so they don’t have to work long hours to complete tasks—they get more done in less time. On occasion when excess capacity is created, company leadership redeploys people or brings in additional work. Everyone wins—customers get products/services faster with higher quality, job satisfaction for employees increases, and the company improves the bottom line through cost reductions and revenue increases.
What role does technology play in the solution transformation?
Technology can be a great enabler for processes. For example, Robotic Process Automation is very popular right now in financial functions. As mentioned in a previous FAQ, we utilize a team-based process approach to optimize the process. Once the process is optimized, technology can be applied to automate, create capacity, and free up critical human resources to focus on other important value-added tasks.

All companies need to balance the utilization of people, processes, and technology. Hire the right people, support them with optimized processes, and enable the processes with the technology. Unfortunately, a lot of companies get this upside down—they attempt to optimize performance by implementing technology on top of bad processes. This just doesn’t work.

Do you really offer a 100% guarantee?
The answer is yes. We can offer this guarantee because we are confident in our approach which was developed over 20 years ago and improved over time. If you are not satisfied with the results, you don’t pay. It’s that simple.